Hello comrades,

Long time no speak!** It’s been over a month since the last meeting of the NYC-DSA Tech Action working group. In that time we’ve seen our mailing list grow to nearly 100 people. Whew!

Also encouraging is that more than half of you responded to the survey of political topics to cover. That gives us a pretty solid idea of what topics we should explore as a group. And what’s the lead topic that y’all want the group to explore? What’s our group’s next focus?

Organizing workers in the tech industry

White collar, blue collar, the whole shebang.

That’ll be the main topic for our next general meeting next Thursday! Here are the details:

Thursday, July 13th, at 7pm (lasting ~1h 45m) 114 W 26th Street (Manhattan), 4th Floor

The meeting will be focused on a discussion of labor and labor organizing in the tech industry, but we’ll also have some report-backs on internal and external activities (like NYC Mesh again), along with breakout discussions on this and/or other activities for Tech Action.

To help get you thinking about labor organizing in tech, we’d love it if you could read – or at least skim – these two recent articles on the subject. Get that red blood pumping.

  1. Trump’s Tech Opposition, Jacobin (interview with Tech Workers Coalition). Tech employees who increasingly see themselves as workers will be an important sector of resistance to Trump’s agenda.

  2. Programmers in India Have Created the Country’s First Tech-Sector Union, The Nation. Responding to an Indian tech economy in flux, workers are demanding representation.

We’ll send out a reminder next week, along with a few discussion prompts to think about. Hope to see y’all next Thursday!

**We on the organizing committee apologize for our delay in announcing the upcoming meeting. We blame it on Fourth of July.

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