Tech Labor Organizing Panel Pt 1

This panel will bring together for the first time reps from the first 3 successful white-collar tech worker unionization efforts in the U.S. Join us for a retrospective on the past year of tech labor organizing with folks from the frontlines.

NYC-DSA Tech Action is partnering with Tech Workers Coalition, CWA, and OPEIU to bring you a panel featuring organizers from the frontlines. Join moderater, Raksha Muthukumar, for a panel featuring organizers from unions at Kickstarter (Toy Vano), Glitch (Steph Monette), Google (Ben Gwin).

We’ll learn about important worker organizing campaigns across the tech industry and discuss the impact of the pandemic on our movement. The panel consist of 30 min of questions from the moderator and 30 min of open floor questions.