Tech Labor Organizing Panel Pt 2

About the panelists:

  • Laurence Berland was an engineer at Google before he was fired with three of his coworkers over the 2019 Thanksgiving holiday. He advocated for the rights and protections of the LGBTQ community, the end of Google’s contracts with the Dept. of Defense and Border Patrol, and other issues of equity in the workplace. He remains active in the organizing efforts at Google and elsewhere.
  • Jordan Flowers works at the JFK8 Amazon warehouse on Staten Island, where he has been increasingly involved in the protests and walkouts over Amazon’s treatment of frontline workers. He has been fighting to win greater safety measures for other warehouse workers and the right to remain at home for those with pre-existing medical conditions. Flowers puts his health and his job on the line everyday that he engages in his work because he has seen firsthand the power and necessity of worker engagement.
  • Grace Reckers is an organizer with the union OPEIU. She focuses on new organizing campaigns with workers at tech companies and nonprofits, having most recently been on the Kickstarter campaign and currently working with employees at a few other tech companies. Reckers is on the steering committee of the NYC Tech Workers Coalition, where she seeks to bridge the labor movement with the rising organizing efforts in the tech industry.